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‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7: Creator talks Sheldon and Amy kiss, Leonard’s reaction and what’s next

The hit show The Big Bang Theory has an engaging plotline with centering on the awkward relations of Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and his girlfriend Amy (Mayim Bialik). The most recent episode featured the first couple’s kiss and the show’s exec discussed the kiss and what’s ahead.

“I can tell you the script — the way the kiss was described in the script — it said, “Sheldon leans in and puts his lips on hers and after a few moments, it melts into a real kiss, the kind of kiss that mommies and daddies do.” That was the action line, because it was referring to a joke that Sheldon had said about kissing when Amy was daydreaming about them kissing. No one watching at home will ever know that, but at our table read, our director Mark [Cendrowski] got to say that out loud as he was describing the kiss. I thought it was a really good way to describe what we were hoping to capture, and I think it was — it was one of those kisses that mommies and daddies do.”

Fans will obviously want to know what’s next.

“That’s an important question. We’re not going to do too much relationship stuff between Sheldon and Amy right away, but obviously this is a moment that occurred and you’ll hear about it here and there. But sometimes we like to make a big move and then put that aspect down for a few episodes before we revisit it. But it happened. He clearly didn’t dislike it. It turned out to be not as bad as he thought it would be — as he described to Leonard when he got home. And we’ll see where they go from there.”

The episode’s final scene with Leonard returned fans to the Sheldon Cooper they know and love.

“That scene was actually a bit of a last-minute addition. I mean, that kiss was such a beautiful moment. And you could have easily ended the episode on it. But we felt it would be nice to see that there was no giant shift in who Sheldon was. That, while there was a small shift and he didn’t dislike the kiss, he’s still Sheldon. I thought that was a way for that scene to show that. So there was a little growth — he didn’t dislike the kiss, but he also liked when the conductor played the banjo and meeting his new friend, Eric, who loves trains as much as he does. They were all great. In his mind, one was no better than the other. They’re just events that occurred that night, which I think was still a fairly Sheldon-y way of looking at it.”

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